Structural & Mechanical Inspection

Holywood NDT LTD provides structural / mechanical inspection services. Structural inspection includes General Visual Inspection (GVI) of assets to assess their condition and identify defects. For work at height Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) can be utilised. UAV's reduce risk during inspections and enable inspection efficiencies such as better data capture and faster speeds. Mechanical inspection includes the third party inspection of machinery for faults, such as bearing misalignment, and defects such as ductile, brittle and fatigue failure. We can also provide PUWER assessments to assess if your work equipment is suitable for use in accordance with the PUWER regulations. 


Why Choose Us

Holywood NDT Ltd are an experienced provider of structural / mechanical inspection services, with over 10 years industry experience. We work with all types of company organisations from multinationals such as Royal Dutch Shell, Engie and Mitsubishi Hitatchi Power Systems, to small to medium business'. We are also audited every few years by independent engineers under the ADIPS and LEAPS schemes. Our employees are trained to a high standard with reputable training providers, such as Technical Training Solutions, and are registered with the UK Engineering Council.