Non-Destructive Testing

Holywood NDT Ltd provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services. We can provide testing in the following methods:

  • Visual Testing (VT) of Welds, Forgings and Castings;
  • Penetrant Testing (PT);
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI);
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of Wrought Products and Plate (3.1) and Pipe (3.2);
  • Eddy Current Testing (EC) of Welds;
  • Phased Array.

Why Choose Us

Our NDT Technicians are qualified to PCN Level 2 and we have Level 3 associates who review our processess and procedures. All equipment is owned in-house and calibrated by accredited testing centers. We utilise leading technologies, such as the Sonatest Wave (see photo above) for Ultrasonic Testing. We provide a lot of services to the power generation (nuclear, gas turbine, and renewable) and leisure industries were NDT is critical for safety and reliability.